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Installing Ensembl

  • Instructions on how to install a local Ensembl website.

Extending Ensembl

The new version of the web code is designed to make it much easier to write custom views for use on your local installation of Ensembl. It uses 'plugins' to allow users to program their own pages without having to understand how the really technical stuff works "under the bonnet"! Use the following to help you get started: (currently the plugin system is not available for the drawing code).

Supported browsers

Fully supported

The following browsers are fully supported, i.e. all site features including JavaScript and CSS styles should work properly:

  • Firefox - all versions
  • Mozilla 1/Netscape 6 (and higher) - all versions
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 (and higher) for Windows
  • Camino - Mac
  • Safari - Mac
  • Opera 7 (and higher) - all versions

We recommend Firefox for browsing Ensembl.

Mostly supported

In some recent browsers, all content is available but rendering of a few elements is buggy. In particular:

  • IE5 for Mac has some CSS layout bugs, so that for example, columns of text may be rendered one below another instead of side-by-side.

Minimally supported

Older browsers such as Netscape Navigator 4 should be able to display most pages in their basic form (albeit without colours or columnar layout) but some elements will not work, e.g. JavaScript popup menus. There are no plans to further support these obsolete browsers.

Ensembl Software Support

Ensembl is an open project and we would like to encourage correspondence and discussions on any subject on any aspect of Ensembl. Please see the Ensembl Contacts page for suitable options to get in touch with us.


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