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Ensj is an open source (LGPL) java library that provides convenient acccess to Ensembl databases.

There is a quickstart showing how to get up and running quickly and some examples. For more detailed information have a look at the Javadoc API, FAQ and How-to.

The organisation of the library reflects the way Ensembl publishes it's data in various database schemas. The common datatypes and those specific to core databases are defined in org.ensembl.datamodel . Drivers and adaptors for retrieving data from the core database are defined in org.ensembl.driver.

Analagous packages exist for the variation (SNP) databases (org.ensembl.variation.datamodel and org.ensembl.variation.driver) and compara (comparative genomics) databases (org.ensembl.compara.datmodel and org.ensembl.compara.driver).

The org.ensembl.registry package makes it very simple to access all of our databases with little or no configuration.

Ensj also comes with a jython module that makes it even easier to use from jython.


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AGD version 3 based on Ensembl release 40 - Aug 2006