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The non-obese diabetic (NOD) mouse strain is a model for diabetes. While Ensembl displays the genome sequence of the C57BL/6J mouse strain, end sequences and tile path information for DIL NOD (NOD/MrkTac strain) and CHORI-29 (NOD/LtJ strain) BAC library clones are available as a 'Distributed Annotation System' (DAS) track on Ensembl 'ContigView' and 'CytoView' pages. These tracks can be switched on selecting 'NOD BACs', 'NOD tilepath clones', 'CHORI29 clones' or 'CHORI29 tilepath' from the 'DAS sources' menu in the yellow menu bar of 'Detailed View'.

More information about BAC clone sequencing is available from the following Sanger Institute project page.

DIL NOD/MrkTac BAC Library

The red and black boxes represent forward and reverse oriented clones, respectively inferred from the placement of the BAC clone end sequences by sequence similarity searches. As such they do not have a link to anything. The grey arrows are the end sequences and link to the Sanger Institute Trace Server where you can get the sequence in FASTA format. For more details see this example.

Not all end sequences have been placed in pairs - and therefore not all ends contribute to inferred clone positions - they are just singletons.

The trace archive provides several files with large collections of DIL NOD/MrkTac BAC end sequences for download.*nod*

The prefix 'bQ' is a Sanger internal BAC clone prefix and translates to the prefix 'DN-' in the international clone nomenclature system. (e.g. bQ17d18 to DN-17D18)

Contact Information for the DIL NOD/TrkTac BAC library:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation/Wellcome Trust
Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory (DIL)
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
University of Cambridge
Wellcome Trust/MRC Building
Addenbrooke's Hospital

Fax: 44 (0) 1223 762102

CHORI-29 NOD/LtJ BAC Library

Clones in forward and reverse orientation are displayed in blue and green, respectively. Individual BAC clone ends and links to the trace archive are not available.

Contact Information for the CHORI-29 Nod/LtJ BAC Library:

BACPAC Resource
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute.
747 52nd St. Oakland, Ca. 94609


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