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The Ensembl user support team has developed an extensive one-day course suitable for up to 30 people with a hands-on training approach to Ensembl. This course is regularly hosted in academic institutions worldwide. This service is provided free of charge, although the host has to pay travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses, this would be the only cost for academic institutes. The service is also available for companies but there is a charge. For overseas locations (i.e. USA and Asia) we try to coordinate several venues so that institutes can share travel expenses.

The course requires an IT room of 25-30 computers with internet connection and a way for one of the machines to be projected. The course lasts one day and can be somewhat customised to the location. In case of covering access to our MySQL databases and an introduction to our APIs we would require an extra day.

If you are interested in hosting one of these workshops or want to know whether Ensembl is coming near you, please contact Xosé M. Fernández for more details and potential arrangements.

A worked example [PDF file] from the course is availble on the web and we will be making more materials available over time. Our experience is that hands-on training is by far the best way to learn the system.

Course Schedule

For details, contacts and registration information on upcoming Ensembl workshops see the Comparative Genomics section of the EBI training calendar.


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